eBook: Revealing the Truth about Quiet Quitting and How to Prevent It

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The media has been in a frenzy over quiet quitting. But while it’s a new buzzword for mainstream media, the underlying phenomenon – disengaged employees – is a familiar one in manufacturing.

In manufacturing, keeping employees motivated is essential to prevent injuries, product defects, and food recalls. Disengaged employees  have a devastating impact on your workplace culture and safety. So, it is mission critical to identify the quiet quitters in your workforce, understand their point of view, and turn the ship around for them before it spreads.

In this eBook, we will unveil the truth about quiet quitting and what actionable steps you can take to prevent it from happening at your facility.

This eBook will further address:

  • Understanding the deeper root causes behind quiet quitting
  • What impacts quiet quitting can have on food safety, workplace safety, and quality
  • Proven methods to reinvigorate and motivate your employees
  • Balancing empathy and discipline
  • Recommendations to help keep employees happy, engaged, and productive
Show me the eBook